Questions on a September morn. . .


  • Why are Harleys so loud?
  • Why do characters in space thrillers like Star Trek have strange, misshapen heads? Heads in odd colors, strange fins, odd ears, you name it. Yet they all have normal human bodies?
  • Why do TV commercials for drugs (with unpronounceable names) for apparently devastating diseases and conditions all feature laughing, dancing people, barbecuing, laughing, walking in the park, laughing, bouncing grandchildren on their knees, did I say laughing?
  • Why do people buy huge diesel pickups? Most of them belch clouds of black smoke amidst a clattering roar from an engine that seems like it will fall apart at any moment.
  • Why do pro baseball players eat continuously, both off and on the field? I won’t ask about the non-stop spitting.
  • Why do magazines like National Geographic use light colored type faces on light colored backgrounds?

All a mystery to me. . .

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