Let’s skate!

I know this will be warmly received by many of you.
I have decided to change my name, eliminating the decidedly lackluster “John”. As in William “John” Wirth.
Indulging my love of French and skating, I will henceforth be known as William “Patinons” Wirth – as in William “Let’s Skate” Wirth.
I know each of you will be impressed by the daring, the audacity, of this move, coming so late in my life!

Just so you know, I labored long on this idea and considered several options:
A close runner up was Spanish as in – William “¡Patine!” Wirth.
A bit ostentatious was the German – William “Lassen Sie uns skaten! ” Wirth
And out of the question was the Japanese William “スケートしよう!” Wirth

*Thanking you for your concern, indeed the quote marks would be eliminated in all cases!

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2 Responses to Let’s skate!

  1. Bonnie Wirth says:

    What a great idea. Re-inventing oneself is all the rage now. And you continue to be on the cutting edge of all things…


  2. Sarah T says:

    I do long for a hybrid version that is the French “patinons” using the Spanish punctuation. There’s something very frisky about that upside down exclamation point.

    I am excited to see your new name on physical display at the upcoming skating birthday party!

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