Busy day. . .

Travel has been a major part of my life. Business travel in particular. Of course, business travel has its downside, one has to work. But “expenses paid” salves some aspects, so all was even.
There are many trips I remember but one popped into my head as I was walking this morning. It happened like this. . .
One Sunday afternoon, I and another guy (who? who knows? my memory isn’t that good) left Denver and flew to Washington Dulles airport. We spent the night there and early Monday morning, we flew to Allentown PA and met with a customer.
That meeting ended successfully, propelling us back to the airport and on to Pittsburgh.
In Pittsburgh (nice city) we met for a couple of hours with a prospective customer.
Then off to the airport and back to Denver.
So we had been on four aircraft, been to three cities, saw two customers and it was only Monday.

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