J’aime l’hiver!

J’aime l’hiver!

Ich liebe Winter

Me encanta el invierno


Anyway I say it – it comes out the same – I love winter.

Now I have been around long enough to know, that outside of snowmobilers, ice fishermen, snowboarders and other curious forms of overachievers, loving winter is distinctly unpopular. Yet I confess – I can’t help myself.

Let me begin by saying – I like change. Change in this context can be stated simply: “I get tired of winter, but I get tired of summer also.” Living in Colorado narrows the options since we only have two seasons: a long, dry, hot summer and a shorter but enthusiastic winter.

I follow by stating Colorado economics. It never rains here. So our summer water for yards, trees, crops, drinking, comes from deep snow drifts in the high mountains. And of course, Colorado is well known for its superior skiing industry – headlined by posh resorts like Aspen and Vail and backed up by a hundred slopes more. Lots of economic benefit flows from these snowy, white paradises and, while I don’t partake, a lot of fun for a lot of people.

“But, this is all interesting but what about your love of winter?” you ask (assuming you’re still awake).

Readily identifiable is my coming to fruition in Montana. Montana is a huge, largely empty land of mountains, lakes, rivers and hardy people. It gets pretty cold there in the winter. I personally have seen it a minus 50°. The coldest temperature ever recorded in the continental US (the lower 48 if you live in Alaska) is minus 69.7° This temperature was recorded about 50 miles from where I grew up and as my father would have said “That’s mighty fresh!”

But does merely living somewhere engender a love of winter? I thought you’d never ask. No – it doesn’t. I have a strong genetic component. My mother’s father, John Carson (né Carlson) was born in Sweden and moved with his family to Minnesota when he was two. My great-grandfather Wirth came from Germany.

But combine need for changing seasons, need for water, profitable business, fun and grandfathers from Sweden and Germany, the picture becomes clear – I was made for winter.

Next – indulging my love for winter.

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3 Responses to J’aime l’hiver!

  1. Sarah T says:

    Winter is my second favorite season, oddly enough. I love the heat but I also like change and being my mothers daughter, dramatic and extreme weather.

    I also am thrilled that several ski resorts had to close early this week for too much snow. That is good for everyone.

  2. Bonnie Wirth says:

    I’d sign up if the leaves stayed on the trees and it was light well into the evenings!!!

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