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The long path

The snow crunched as I walked through the park this morning. It was snowing, blowing but not unpleasant. I was on one of my usual paths, paths long since defined for ease of walking and for mileage. There are 5 … Continue reading

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Dog job

The best job for a dog is that of a sled dog. A sled dog runs, pulls and barks all day long and still gets paid.

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J’aime l’hiver!

J’aime l’hiver! Ich liebe Winter Me encanta el invierno 私は冬が大好き Anyway I say it – it comes out the same – I love winter. Now I have been around long enough to know, that outside of snowmobilers, ice fishermen, snowboarders and … Continue reading

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A 1000 miles

“New Year’s Resolutions” have never held much interest for me. No, I need problems resolved as much as anyone. It’s just that life has always presented opportunity for improvement without the drama of specific resolve. That’s why I find myself … Continue reading

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