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“I met a traveler from an antique land. . . “ When I read Shelley’s immortal words years ago, I realized I was, even then, “a traveler.” Perhaps not “from an antique land” but someone who yearns to see what … Continue reading

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Strange time

It is a strange time in my life. For the first time (a notion perhaps aided by a failing memory), I find myself subject to circumstance and inevitably. Choice retreats, only acceptance remains.

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Getting old

Getting old is a curious thing. I really can’t recommend it but if you insist, here are some things I noticed. First, it creeps up on you, like fog, with little cat feet. At least for me, the last several … Continue reading

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Many manufacturers of food products have been reducing the amount of food product in a package while keeping the size of the package the same. E.g. a package of cookies originally designed for a dozen cookies now contains ten or … Continue reading

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